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Turn It Off and Step Away

How long can you go without checking your cell phone? Do you feel your leg vibrate and reach for your phone - only to find that your phone is actually across the room? Could you go 24 hours without using your mobile deviceĀ or some other similar form of technology? If you see a beautiful sunset but d...
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Welcoming Refugeesā€¦

I have been blessed with a sabbatical from teaching at Malone University this semester to work in refugee resettlement with World Relief in Akron, Ohio. I have always had a heart for international people and have worked abroad as an international social worker, but my passion for working with those ...
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Christ at the Intersection of Faith and Practice

As I was pondering what exactly to write for this blog, it occurred to me that the very name of our blog, "Shared Grace," captures the essence of this entry. Most of us who are members of NACSW or are considering membership realize that there is something different about this association in compa...
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