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CD-ROM – Children of Trauma: Understanding and Partnering in Their Healing Process



This audio conference workshop, which was originally held on February 23, 2009, assists helping professionals to develop a clearer understanding of definitions and types of traumatic experiences in children. Special attention is given to working with children who have experienced chronic or complex trauma in the form of abuse or neglect. This workshop addresses biological, psychological, and social impacts of trauma to help social workers provide more effective assessment of and intervention for affected children over the course of their development.

This workshop also looks at intervention strategies that can be utilized by caseworkers, clinicians & social workers in a variety of settings to help children deal with the lasting impacts of their traumatic experiences and to move forward in the healing process. In summary, this workshop emphasizes an understanding of the needs of the traumatized child from a whole person perspective in the context of their social environment and integrates biblical concepts to provide a framework for hope and healing.

Please note that by purchasing this two-set CD-ROM package, you become eligible to earn 2 continuing education contact hours approved by the Association of Social Work Boards at no additional cost by scoring 80% or better on a short ten-question quiz based on the material covered during the workshop. Electronic copies of this quiz as well as all supplemental resources that were provided during the original audio conference will also be made available to you upon request.



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