Curriculum Module Template

A curriculum module is a unit of education delivered as part of a social work course. Use the following template to share a strategy for integrating faith and/or spirituality in social work. Modules submitted should be approximately 3-5 double-spaced pages, including references.


Title of module:




Primary course: Limit to one course.


Secondary course(s): List other courses where the module could be relevant.


Core competencies: Identify one core competency and one or more measurable practice behaviors comprised from the knowledge, values, and skills students will learn from the module, based on a review the core competencies and practice behaviors identified in the CSWE 2008 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards as well as any additional competencies and behaviors developed by your program to address its particular mission, goals, and context.


Materials needed and/or assigned readings: Please provide an appropriate APA reference and a brief annotation for each assigned reading.


Description of the module: Provide a detailed and step-by-step description of how you implement the module: e.g., a) questions you use to generate class discussion; b) class activities, and projects; c) primary assignment(s); d) criteria for evaluating the work of students on assignments that demonstrate achievement of core competenc(y/ies) and/or practice behaviors.


Additional class activities and assignments: We encourage authors to provide possible adaptations of the module: e.g., a) alternative assignments; b) criteria for evaluating students work on assignments; c) ways the module could be used in other courses; d) how the module could be used in a different university context (e.g., Public, Private, Christian).