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  • See Book Review from The Journal for the Sociological Integration of Religion and Society, Volume 2, No 2, Fall, 2012, pp. 31-33.

Affiliation Recommendation
Dr. Leola Dyrud Furman

Associate Professor Emeritus

University of North Dakota 


The fourth edition of Christianity and Social Work offers compelling evidence that the Christian perspective in social work not only has come into its own, but also that it is needed more than ever in a conflicted and increasingly impoverished world.

Practitioners and educators alike will find an expended text that’s rich with scholarship on, to name but a few examples, social welfare history, evidence-based practice, congregational social work, social justice and the complexities of helping in a diverse society. This edition of Christianity and Social Work will be an essential companion for Christians in social work faced with the challenges and promised of a new decade, and a world much in need of God’s love.

Dr. Janet E. Furness

Associate Dean and Professor of Social Work

Union University


Jackson, Tennessee  


The fourth edition does not disappoint as an important contribution to the social work practice literature. By keeping previously published classics, NACSW retains its commitment to conveying core lessons in Christian ethics, social justice, black history, and integration of faith and practice.  


This new volume expands its range to contemporary themes, such as global issues and practice with LGBT clients. At the same time, it casts a deeper light on historical assumptions and services to children and diverse populations. Pairing this extraordinary scholarship with pertinent classroom resources creates an irresistible supply for learning.


Dr. Hugh Drouin

Commissioner of Social Services

Regional Municipality of Durham

Whitby, Ontario, Canada

The 4th edition of Christianity and Social Work is a valuable resource for how one sensitively integrates one's Christian faith and social work practice.  This will be a major contribution to the integration of faith and social work for years to come.


This new edition does an outstanding job of covering the multitude of contemporary practice issues within the historical backdrop for the Social Work profession. This will be a valuable text for students and practitioners alike. It will definitely line my bookshelf for many years.


Joe Kuilema, MSW


Calvin College

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Having used previous editions of Christianity and Social Work for several years, I was pleased to see some classic chapters retained in this new edition. I was even more pleased to see a host of new chapters that demonstrate a willingness to engage the sorts of difficult questions students have about integrating their faith and vocation.

This new edition both illuminates the historic connections between Christianity and social work and makes a convincing case that Christian perspectives on social work concerns are as relevant today as they were then.

Denis Costello, MSW

Director of Clinical Programs and Services

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Christians in social work often struggle to find ways to integrate their faith with their social work practice. We have a message of life, hope and truth to share. And yet, how do we do this ethically in our day-to-day practice, particularly given the wide ranges of our faith and our practice? This is where Christianity and Social Work shines. 

In education, there is much talk about having a spiral curriculum: we come back time and again to revisit a topic covered earlier. Each revisiting is enriched by the learning that has taken place since the last “visit.” I think that the same applies when we seek to integrate our Christian faith and our social work practice.  Reading, reflecting and revisiting can lead us to a richer understanding. This book is a great place to start!

Frank Raymond, Ph.D.


Dean Emeritus, Distinguished Professor Emeritus

College of Social Work, University of South Carolina

In both religiously-affiliated colleges and universities and non-sectarian academic institutions, the numbers of students who want to connect their Christian faith with social work practice is continuing to increase. Christianity and Social Work provides essential material to assist both undergraduate and graduate social work students in this quest. The book will help students appreciate the Christian roots of social welfare history, enable them to see how social work principles are underpinned by Christian beliefs and values, and assist them to understand how their Christian perspectives can support and inform their professional practice even as they deal with some of the most difficult contemporary issues. 

Christianity and Social Work also provides an excellent compilation of material for social work educators. Especially appealing to educators are the appendices and charts that make evident the linkages between chapters and the Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) from the Council on Social Work Education. These tool will be valuable to educators as they endeavor to show how they prepare students to demonstrate specific competencies in social work practice.

The editors and chapter authors of this book are respected scholars with demonstrated expertise in their respective areas of research. Together, they have prepared an outstanding volume which is an excellent resource to all social work students, educators and practitioners who are concerned with the integration of Christian faith and professional social work.

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