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NACSW Award: Call for Nominations

NACSW requests nominations for the following categories:

• The Distinguished Service to NACSW Award recognizes a person who has provided long-term and exceptional leadership, scholarship and service to NACSW.

• The Distinguished Christian Contribution to Social Work Award recognizes a professional social worker who has demonstrated exceptional achievements in the integration of Christianity and social work. This individual does not necessarily need to be a member of NACSW.

• The Distinguished Service in Social Welfare Award recognizes a person has made significant contributions to the welfare of a broad spectrum of society.  This individual does not need to be a social worker.

• The Diana Garland Award for Social Work Practitioner Excellence recognizes an NACSW member who is a practitioner (a non-academic) and who has evidenced excellence in social work practice, reflecting the values and attributes which are characteristic of Diana’s life of service as a Christian in social work. More details can be found at www.nacsw.org/DianaGarlandAward.pdf

What is required?

All nominations should include the following information in order to be considered:

  1. A narrative, not to exceed 500 words, in support of the nomination addressing the following:
    • Significance of the individuals’ contributions
    • Duration (years) of significant effort
    • Geographic range of contributions (i.e., local, national, international)
    • Extent to which contributions exceeded requirements of professional position
  2. One page vita for nominee or its equivalent for a layperson nominee, including:
    • Nominee’s name, home and business addresses and phone numbers
    • Agency affiliation and position/title
    • Educational background and credentials
    • Bibliography of the nominee’s published works, if applicable
  3. Contact information: Your name, address, phone number, agency affiliation, and position/title

Where do I send my nomination?

Send nominations to:

PO Box 121
Botsford, CT 06404-0121
Tollfree: 888-426-4712