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Let’s Dialogue, Not Debate

"The most dangerous ideas in society are not the ones being argued, but the ones that are assumed." - C.S. Lewis Life is full of risks whether or not we take them on fully, directly, and consciously. There are a number of actions that can contribute to the fear of being judged, of having our privat...
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Who Is My Neighbor?

So often when we think of our neighbor we think of someone like us…people whom we chose to buy a home near, people with whom we associate on a daily basis, our circle of friends and acquaintances.  The story of the “Good Samaritan” (http://www.craigkeener.com/tag/good-samaritan/) in Luke chapter 12 ...
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Loving and Learning from Different Others

We live in a society that is more divided than ever. We have stacks of research studies to support this claim, but it didn't take a lot of hard data to confirm what I already knew instinctively. Though I teach a course in human diversity and have worked with “different others” for some time, I reali...
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