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Audio File - Children Of Trauma: Understanding and Partnering in Their Healing Process
Nola Carew, MSW, LMSW
Podcast. | Date Posted: November 27, 2013 | Date Recorded: February 23, 2009
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Abstract:   This audio conference workshop provides helping professionals with a clearer understanding of definitions and types of traumatic experiences in children. Special attention will be given to working with children who have experienced chronic or complex trauma in the form of abuse or neglect. The workshop addresses biological, psychological, and social impacts of trauma to aid the worker in more effective assessment and intervention of these children over the course of their development. The workshop will look at intervention strategies and skills that can be utilized by caseworkers, clinicians & social workers in a variety of settings to help children to deal with the lasting impacts of their traumatic experiences and to move forward in their healing process. The audio conference will also provide strategies for workers to help caregivers to better understand and meet the needs of their traumatized child. The workshop emphasizes an understanding of the needs of the traumatized child from a whole person perspective in the context of their social environment and integrates an application of biblical concepts to provide a framework for hope and continual healing.

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