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Audio File-Religion, Spirituality, and Health Care: History, Research, and Application
Harold Koenig
Podcast. | Date Posted: November 27, 2013 | Date Recorded: February 08, 2010
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Abstract:   Dr. Koenig examines the historical relationship between religion and medicine, examining the origins of health care, hospitals, medicine and nursing. He explores the research that has examined the relationship between religious involvement and mental health. He will propose a model of how religion may impact physical health through the mind-body mechanisms. He examines the relationship between religion and physical health, immune functioning, cardiovascular functioning, and survival. He examines what these findings mean for clinicians and how this might be applied to clinical practice in a sensitive and appropriate manner. Finally, he discusses that the relationship between religion and medicine means for the future of health care in developed and underdeveloped countries, particularly the growing aging population and their health care needs.

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