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Audio File- Spiritually Sensitive Crisis Intervention with HIV-Infected and Affected Individuals
Allison Tan
Podcast. | Date Posted: 13, 1419 | Date Recorded: February 27, 2012
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Abstract:   We will consider the current state of the HIV epidemic in America and how it affects the work social workers will likely encounter with HIV-infected and affected clients. After reviewing the history of the HIV epidemic, this workshop will focus on crisis intervention work ? emphasizing the most common crises HIV-infected and affected individuals face. Utilizing both the available literature on crisis work with HIV-positive clients and the facilitator's own practice experience, the content of this workshop will cover the range of reactions and life experiences common to HIV-infected and affects individuals ? including the ways in which an HIV diagnosis can impact his or her questions of religion and spirituality. Workshop participants will be able to better anticipate the ways in which their social work practice may intersect with HIV-positive clients in crisis and what can be done to help them ? socially, medically, and spiritually.

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