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California - All
Amy-Lynne Hilderbrand
Atascadero State Hospital; Program 7; P.O. Box 7001
Atascadero, CA 93423-7001
Status: Active
Primary Phone: (805) 540-8388 (Cell)
E-mail: histendergrip@gmail.com
California - Central
Eleanor Speakes
PO Box 11303
Fresno, CA 937772
Status: Active
Primary Phone: 559-278-2454 (work)
Secondary Phone: 559-313-1837 (cell)
E-mail: espeakes41@gmail.com
California - Northern
Osmond Kwan

Status: Active
Primary Phone: 916-527-4112
E-mail: osmond81@gmail.com
Canada (Ontario)
Timothy Myland

Status: Active
Primary Phone: 416-985-5070
E-mail: mylandti@gmail.com
Bob Nield
73 Dixon St
Waterbury, CT 06704
Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: 860-921-8827
E-mail: bobnield@hotmail.com
Florida (Central)
Marleen Milner
Southeastern University

Status: Contact Person
Primary Phone: 863.667.5163
E-mail: mmilner@seu.edu
Florida (Northwest)
Dianne Presley

Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: (850) 450-7223
E-mail: dianne@believehopeinspire.com
Georgia (Atlanta)
Shaina Blair

Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: 404-542-9511
Secondary Phone: 404-788-2716
E-mail: sdr_roddy@yahoo.com
Andrew Dahlburg
45-120 Mololani Pl #A
Kaneohe, HI 96744
Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: (808) 433-0332
E-mail: adahlburg@hotmail.com
Jeff Bryant
University of Indianapolis - College of SW
1400 East Hanna Ave; Indianapolis, IN 46227
Status: Active
Primary Phone: (317) 788-3999
Secondary Phone: (317) 956-6988
E-mail: jbryant@uindy.edu
Kentucky (Louisville)
Tim Moseley
PO Box 7249
Louisville, KY 40257
Status: Contact Person
Primary Phone: (502) 584-3711
Secondary Phone: (502) 345-6100
E-mail: Tim@waysidechristianmission.org
Maryland - Western
Brent Thornton

Cumberland, MD
Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: (301) 697-1070
E-mail: Snowmanbrent@atlanticbb.net
Massachusetts (Boston)
Stacey Barker

Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: (617) 745-3564
E-mail: stacey.barker@enc.edu
Michigan (Western)
Gary Deckert

Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: 616 843-5942
E-mail: gdeckert@yahoo.com
Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul Area)
Nick Zeimet

Status: Organizing
E-mail: zeimet.nick@gmail.com
Jana Donahoe
400 East Percy St
Indianola, MS 38751
Status: Active
Primary Phone: 662.887.6069
Secondary Phone: 662.846.4795
E-mail: jdonahoe@deltastate.edu
Missouri/Kansas (Kansas City)
Terri Bennett
617 NW Cortland Dr
Blue Springs, MO 64015
Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: 816-421-7643, ext. 14
E-mail: nealandterri@yahoo.com
Missouri: Southwest
Lacey Nunnally
Evangel Univ.; 1111 N Glenstone
Springfield, MO 65802
Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: (417) 865-2815
E-mail: nunnallyl@evangel.edu
New York - NYC
David Fritz

Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: (212) 298-5105
E-mail: dmfritz1@optonline.net
New York - Western
David Skiff

Status: Reorganizing
Primary Phone: (585) 594-6578
E-mail: skiffd@roberts.edu
North Carolina (Central)
Ken Smith
3600 Jeffrey St
Sanford, NC 27332
Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: (919) 718-9923
E-mail: ktaasmith@gmail.com
North Carolina (Raleigh-Durham)
Amelia Roberts-Lewis
5201 Middleton Road
Durham, NC 27713
Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: (919) 641-0626
E-mail: arobertslewis47@gmail.com
North Dakota/South Dakota
Gayla Sherman
Charles Hall Youth Services; 513 E. Bismarck Expressway; PO Box 1995
Bismarck, ND 58502
Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: 701-255-2773, Ext. 304
Fax: 701-255-6261
E-mail: gayla.sherman@charleshallyouthservices.com
Ohio (Cleveland Metro)
William Maddox

Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: 216-687-5578
E-mail: nacswcsu@gmail.com
Oklahoma (Tulsa Area)
Robert Kiel
Oral Roberts University
Tulsa, OK
Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: (918) 495-6537
E-mail: rkiel@oru.edu
Tennessee (Eastern)
Reba Terry

Cleveland, TN
Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: (423) 472-4414
E-mail: reba_terry@bellsouth.net
Tennessee - Western
Stevie Ray
The Regional Medical Center; 877 Jefferson Ave
Memphis, TN 38103
Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: (901) 386-4683 (h)
Secondary Phone: (901) 545-8069 (w)
E-mail: stevieray38128@yahoo.com
Texas (Dallas)
Linda Openshaw

Commerce, Texas
Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: (903) 468-6095
E-mail: Linda.Openshaw@tamuc.edu
Texas (Northern)
Melissa Stanford Oden

Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: 817.334.0734
E-mail: drmissy2011@gmail.com
Texas (Northern)
Karen Magruder

Status: Organizing
E-mail: karenjmagruder@gmail.com
Texas (San Antonio)
Kelly Moeller

Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: (210) 831-8888
Secondary Phone: (210) 237-4942
E-mail: kelly.moeller@yahoo.com
Texas - Houston Area
Kim Parker

Status: Contact Person
Primary Phone: 713-291-2272
E-mail: parkerly@msn.com
Washington DC/VA/MD
Willi Dalaba
3039 Cyrandall Valley Road
Fairfax, VA 22031
Status: Organizing
Primary Phone: 804.815.3160
E-mail: willidalaba@aol.com

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