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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about NACSW, its mission, and the services and benefits it provides for NACSW members and friends broken down into the following categories:

NACSW Frequently Asked Questions

Organizational Information

1.   What does NACSW stand for?

NACSW stands for "North American Association of Christians in Social Work."

2.   When was NACSW founded?

NACSW is an interdenominational and international organization which grew out of a series of annual conferences beginning in 1950. NACSW was incorporated in 1954, which means it has been in existence even longer than NASW. In 1984, NACSW changed its name from "National" to "North American Association of Christians in Social Work" when a large number of social workers living in Canada became members of NACSW.

3.   How can I contact the NACSW office?

You can contact the NACSW office by phone at 203.270.8780, or toll free at 888.426.4712, by email at info@nacsw.org, or by mail at P.O. Box 121, Botsford, CT 06404.

4.   Does NACSW develop position statements on social or political issues (such as abortion, homosexuality, immigration, etc.) or endorse particular political candidates or parties?

In general, NACSW does not develop position statements on social or political issues about which there is a lack of consensus in the larger Christian community. Neither does NACSW endorse particular political candidates or parties. Rather, NACSW sees as it’s call to support the efforts of Christians in social work to better understand how their faith contributes to their views and practice as social workers, and to ensure that there is a "safe" place for healthy discussion and at times debate about topics and issues of concern to Christians in social work -- with an understanding that at times people of faith will disagree on such issues. We believe there is definitely a place for advocacy on social and political issues for Christians in social work, and we strongly support and encourage this among our membership. To date, however, we have not seen taking organizational positions as our call because to do so would leave out some Christians in social work who might not agree with a specific position NACSW would take on a given issue. NACSW’s goal is to be an association in which all Christians in social work feel like they have a place to belong.

Membership Information

5.    Who are NACSW's Members?

NACSW welcomes as members individuals or organizations that support the mission of NACSW, which is to equip its members to integrate Christian faith and professional social work practice. Most of NACSW's members are professional social work practitioners and faculty, but others include students, clergy, and other persons of faith working in the social services. For more information on becoming a member, please see our website.

6.   Does NACSW identify with a particular denomination, or do I have to belong to a particular denomination to join NACSW?

No, NACSW does not identify with any particular denomination or denominations. Members come from a variety of Protestant, Roman Catholic and Orthodox traditions. At last count, over 60 Christian denominations were represented within the NACSW membership! All who support the mission of NACSW to equip its members to integrate Christian faith and professional social work practice are welcome!  

7.   What benefits are available to NACSW members?

Benefits of NACSW membership include free subscriptions to NACSW’s quarterly newsletter as well as NACSW’s quarterly journal, Social Work and Christianity, access to NACSW’s JobNet Career Center, discounted registration rates for NACSW’s annual conventions and quarterly audio conferences, a 20% discount on books and other materials published by NACSW, and many other benefits. Please go to http://www.nacsw.org/benefits.html for a complete listing of membership benefits and services.

8.   How long does my membership last?

Memberships are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Two-year memberships and lifetime memberships are also available. 

9.   I am a student, should I join NACSW?

Absolutely! Almost 1/3 of NACSW’s members are students. Students receive a discounted membership rate. There are many membership benefits that are particularly useful for students including NACSW’s mentoring program and access to NACSW’s JobNet Career Center. Information on student membership rates can be found online. 

10. How can I renew my membership and/or update my name and address?

If you are currently a member you can log-on to the member's only section to renew your registration and/or update your name and address. Otherwise you may use the membership renewal form to renew your membership and you may update your name and address by contacting the NACSW office by phone at 888.426.4712 or by email at info@nacsw.org.  

11. How can I connect with other NACSW members?

If you are an NACSW member you can search for and connect directly with other NACSW members through the On-Line Membership Directory. This on-line directory provides contact information for any current NACSW who has given permission to be included in this listing. There are also a number of special interest listservs and member interest groups that are good resources for connecting with other NACSW members around areas of shared interest.

Continuing Education Opportunities

11. Does NACSW offer opportunities to earn CEUs?

Yes, NACSW offers many opportunities to earn CEUs including annual and regional conventions, chapter meetings, home study programs, and audio conference workshops. NACSW is an Approved Continuing Education (#1078) provider by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB).

12. Will CEUs from NACSW be honored in my state?

NACSW is an Approved Continuing Education (#1078) provider by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB). This approval status extends to all of NACSW's current training programs including its conventions, regional conferences, home study program, and audio conference workshops. It is important to note, however, that final authority for approving any continuing education activity rests with the state or province in which the participant is licensed. Some states, for example, categorically do not yet accept home study contact hours, no matter who offers them, and so training participants are still responsible to check with their local authorities about final training acceptability. However, an increasing number of regulatory boards readily accept the continuing education offerings of ASWB-approved providers.

13. How can I find out about the next NACSW annual convention?

For information about NACSW’s annual convention, please see our convention webpage. For a list of upcoming and past annual conventions, please visit our convention history webpage. Remember that NACSW members receive 20-25% off the regular convention registration rate!

14. Does NACSW organize local meetings, workshops, and conferences?

NACSW does occasionally host regional conferences and local workshops. Please visit our Convention, conference and workshop webpage to see if one is scheduled in your area. NACSW has local chapters in several areas of North America. To learn more about local chapters and see if there is an active chapter in your area please visit the chapter information webpage.  


15. Does NACSW publish any journals or books?

NACSW publishes the journal Social Work and Christianity (SWC) four times a year. Members receive a subscription to SWC at no cost, and are able to access electronic copies of SWC going back all the way to 1974 on the member’s section of NACSW’s website as one of their benefits of membership. NACSW also publishes a number of books related to the integration of faith and social work practice. A full listing of the books published by NACSW can be found at the NACSW bookstore. NACSW members receive a 20% discount on all NACSW books and other published materials.

16. How do I submit an article for NACSW’s journal, Social Work and Christianity?

Information about submitting manuscripts to Social Work and Christianity can be found at http://www.nacsw.org/SWCSubmission.htm. Any questions about submissions should be directed to David Sherwood, SWC’s editor in chief, at  david@sherwoodstreet.com


17. How can I find information on obtaining professional liability insurance through my NACSW membership?

NACSW is pleased to offer professional liability insurance to its members who practice social work and mental health counseling services in the United States. The plan is administered by the American Professional Administration.  Information on insurance is available on NACSW’s website.

18. How can I advertise with NACSW?

NACSW offers a range of options for advertising or promoting jobs, events, products, or services that would be of special interest to Christians in social work. These options include ads in our newsletter or journal, renting NACSW’s member list, or, for members, sending information out at no cost on NACSW’s listservs. For more information about advertising with NACSW, go to: http://www.nacsw.org/PromotionOptions.html.

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