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Poster Examples

Submission examples of from prior conventions

Poster Submission: Example #1

Title of Presentation:  Building Community: Utilizing Historical Models

Presentation Abstract:  Our modern culture has destroyed communities and torn families apart. The session will examine valuable lessons learned from successful historical community building models. Participants will learn ways that historical models can be utilized by churches and social service organizations to integrate faith and practice in rebuilding families and communities.




Poster Submission: Example #2

Title of Presentation:  Blocks of Excellence

Presentation Abstract:  This session addresses the current need in our society to connect with our neighbors. We will incorporate the findings of the report “Hardwired to Connect” by The Commission on Children at Risk, into this discussion. The session will present a specific model that initiates this effort in low-income residential areas.


Poster Submission: Example #3

Title of Presentation: The Therapeutic Values of a Ropes Challenge Course

Presentation Abstract:  Challenge Courses have become a popular team-building outdoor recreational tool for varied group dynamics. From corporations to church youth groups, the high and low ropes elements of a Ropes Course have challenged participants to reach for their highest potential through experiential education and programming. This experiential workshop will explore how challenge course programming can be used for therapeutic purposes with Social Work and other helping professionals.






Poster Submission: Example #4

Title of Presentation: Building Prayerful Meditation and Relaxation Through Spiritually-Oriented Music Contemplation: A Relevant Tool for Social Workers and Educators

Presentation Abstract:  This session will invite students and professionals to spiritual enlightenment and transformation within a sacred, ritual space providing an avenue for personal empowerment and professional discernment. It will review bio-psycho-spiritual awareness of one’s inner reflective energy through the effective application of 1) Breath-Relaxation, 2) Bio-Spiritual-Music-Focus Energetics






Poster Submission: Example #5

Title of Presentation: The Challenges of Integrating Christian Faith and Social Work Education in India and the Need for Partnership

Presentation Abstract:  With the onslaught on Christianity from different corners of India, any helping effort by a Christian is perceived to be an effort to ‘convert’ and Social Work Educators who want to integrate Christian faith and social work practice are no exception. It is against this backdrop that this session examines some of the challenges of integrating Christian faith in Social Work Education and thus bring to light the need for partnership in promoting the idea of integration of Christian faith and social work practice in India.