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Instructors Resources

NACSW is committed to posting instructor’s resources that support the use of NACSW’s books and materials in courses and trainings focused on the integration of Christian faith and social work. Resources may include, but are not limited to:

  • Book and Chapter Outlines
  • Summaries of Key Concepts and Terms
  • Discussion Questions (that provoke critical thinking, personal reflection, application to practice, and/or understanding of content – questions can be
    used for exams, assignments, or for class discussion)
  • Class/Training Activities (activities and assignments that can be used to enrich student learning and help students apply what they have learned to other content or contexts; activities are designed for both in-class and out-of-class assignments, as well as individual or group projects)
  • Bibliographies, References and Links to Additional Resources

Currently we have instructors resources for the following three NACSW publications:

Christianity and Social Work (6th Edition)

Development on Purpose

Christianity and Social Work (5th Edition)

Please send to info@nacsw.org  any suggestions or recommendations you have to add to these listed resources.

Disclaimer:  Resources listed may contain information which does not necessarily reflect the views of NACSW. In addition, being posted on this resource list in no way implies endorsement or sponsorship by NACSW unless otherwise noted. Lastly, inclusion on the list of NACSW organizational members only indicates current membership in NACSW. It is not meant to imply blanket endorsement by NACSW of the quality of services, organizational policies, or ability to integrate Christian faith and practice of these organizations or programs.