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Convention Proceedings

Annual Convention Proceedings

Since 2002, NACSW has compiled conference proceedings comprised of a sampling of materials presented during workshops and poster sessions during its annual convention and training conferences.

Prior to the convention, NACSW invites all workshop and poster presenters to submit a copy of a paper based on the materials they will be presenting during the convention. Since the goal is to collect as many papers as possible, and to make them available as quickly as possible, no specific requirements are made with regard to length or formatting. Even detailed presentation outlines are accepted for inclusion in these proceedings.

As such, the papers you will find below are of varying length, structure, and styles. Except for some very basic formatting, submissions did not undergo a formal editing process. Our hope is that the following collection of papers, while not a formal publication, will provide a service to NACSW members and friends in extending the impact and reach of the materials presented at its conventions, especially to those who are not able to attend the convention.

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Views expressed by presenters are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of NACSW. Being selected to present a workshop in no way implies NACSW’s endorsement or certification of presenters’ qualification, ability, or proficiency to practice social work or integrate faith and social work.