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Journal: Social Work & Christianity

Social Work & Christianity

Social Work and Christianity (SWC) is a refereed journal published by the North American Association of Christians in Social Work (NACSW) in order to contribute to the growth of social workers in the integration of Christian faith and professional practice. SWC welcomes articles, shorter contributions, book reviews, and letters which deal with issues related the integration of faith and professional social work practice and other professional concerns which have relevance to Christianity.

Views expressed by authors are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of SWC or NACSW. Membership in NACSW or publication in SWC in no way implies endorsement or certification of the member’s or author’s qualifications, ability, or proficiency to practice social work. NACSW and SWC do not assume responsibility in any way for member’s or reader’s efforts to apply or utilize information, suggestions, or recommendations made by the association, its publications, conferences, or other resources.

Free Member Access

Free online access to current and archived issues of Social Work and Christianity going back to 1974 is one of the complimentary benefits included with individual or organizational membership in NACSW.

For Member-Only access to current and archived issues, click here.

Non-members, please contact the NACSW office at info@nacsw.org for information.

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Subscriptions to Social Work and Christianity are available to libraries and organizations at a subscription rate of $124 per year (or $142/year in US dollars for institutions in Canada and overseas). To order a subscription, contact info@nacsw.org or go to the online bookstore.

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTHORS: Submit manuscripts to SWC electronically in the form of two documents:

1) A title page that includes the article title, a list of key words, and full author information including name(s), affiliations, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses (for example: Stacey L. Barker, Ph.D., MSW, is Associate Professor of Social Work, Eastern Nazarene College, 23 E. Elm Avenue, Quincy, MA, 02170. Phone: (617) 745-3564. Email: stacey.barker@enc.edu)

2) The manuscript without author identifying information that contains the full text of the article, including an abstract of not more than 150 words, references, and any tables or appendices. Use the American Psychological Association Style Manual format (current edition) for in-text references and reference lists. Submit manuscripts as email attachments to rick@nacsw.org, preferably in Microsoft Word.

At least three members of the editorial board will anonymously review manuscripts and recommend a decision based on the following criteria: relevance of content to major issues concerning the relationship of social work and Christianity, literary merit, conciseness, clarity, and freedom from language that conveys devaluation or stereotypes of persons or groups. The journal editorial team will make final decisions.

Authors may correspond with the managing editor by email or phone: Rick Chamiec-Case (rick@nacsw.org); 203.270.8780.

Guidelines for Authors of Book Reviews for SWC

Social Work and Christianity welcomes book review manuscripts for the Reviews section of the journal. Submit book review manuscripts electronically to the Book Review Editor, James Vanderwoerd.

Book review authors should follow these guidelines:

  • Reviewed books should be relevant to SWC’s readership and therefore should include content pertinent to Christians in social work.
  • Ordinarily books should be fairly recent (published within 2 years); if later, reviewers should provide some justification for why an older book has current relevance.
  • Reviews should be about 600-800 words in length.
  • Reviews should include an overview of the book’s main points, especially those pertaining to Christians in social work.
  • In addition to a descriptive summary of the book’s content, reviews should provide some assessment, critique, and analysis of the book’s strengths and weaknesses, and its contribution to the field of social work practice, especially to specific audiences such as subfields of social work practice, students, academics, administrators, and church leaders.
  • Reviews should adhere to general guidelines for formatting and writing described in the general Instructions for Authors.
  • All submitted book review manuscripts, whether invited or not, are subject to editorial review and acceptance by the book review editor, in conjunction with the editor-in-chief, who will make final decisions regarding acceptance for publication.
  • Reviews submitted for a special topic issue should be clearly marked as such.

Please contact James Vanderwoerd, the Book Review Editor of Social Work and Christianity, at with any questions or for additional information.

Guidelines for Letters to the Editor for SWC

The purpose of the Letters to the Editor section in Social Work & Christianity is to provide creative space for dialogue about complicated topics for Christians in social work. Our hope is that submissions in this form allow for the healthy exchange of ideas and perspectives. The Letters to the Editor section is grounded in our Christian values of humility, mutual respect, and generosity of spirit, as well as our professional values of critical thinking and integrity.

Submissions should be no more than 500-1,000 words in length and invite conversation as it offers the opportunity for readers to observe an open and civil exchange of ideas and perspectives. Letters which are a response to articles previously published in Social Work & Christianity will be shared with the article author(s), who will have the opportunity to respond to the letter. Such Letters to the Editor are encouraged to ask clarifying questions in a spirit of curiosity (as opposed to a spirit of confrontation), model careful listening, and seek common ground where possible as it shares alternative points of view for readers’ consideration. Letters to the Editor which include personal attacks or denigration of individuals or organizations will not be considered.

Sample Articles


SWC Article - Fall 2018 (45:3)
Bearing God’s Image to All People: A Social Worker’s Response to the Sojourner by Lori Goss-Reaves, Lena Shankar Crouso & Erin Lefdahl-Davis


SWC Article - Summer 2018 (45:2)
Rethinking Client Self-Determination in Social Work: A Christian Perspective as a Philosophical Foundation for Client Choice by Terry A. Wolfer, David R. Hodge & Janessa Steele


SWC Article - Spring 2018 (45:1)
Loneliness and Congregational Social Work by Victoria A. Charles & Terry A. Wolfer


SWC Article - Winter 2017 (44:4)
Integrating Faith and Practice: A Qualitative Study of Staff Motivation by Kris Hohn, Mary McCoy, Dorothea Ivey, Paula Ugochukwu Ude, & Regina T. Praetorius


Sample Full Issue

SWC Full Issue - Winter 2015 (42:1)
Special Issue: Spirituality and Trauma