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Keynote Speakers 2017

Rev Dr William Barber
Reverend Dr William Barber
Tanya Brice
Dr Tanya Brice
Rev Bill Stanfield
Reverend Bill Stanfield

Opening Plenary—Thursday, November 2, 2017 (1.0 CE)

Rev. Dr. William Barber

“The Moral Monday Movement: Working Together Toward Racial Justice in Our Land”

Abstract: info to come


Alan Keith-Lucas Lecture—Friday, November 3, 2017 (1.0 CE)

Tanya Brice

“Reconciliation Reconsidered: A Conversation About Race Among Christian Social Workers”

Abstract: This presentation seeks to highlight difficult conversations about race relations in the US already taking place in the social work community. The presenter will provide a Biblical context and mandates to advocate against racial oppression on the micro- and macro-levels of social work practice.


Banquet Speaker—Saturday, November 4, 2017 (1.0 CE)

Rev. Bill Stanfield

“It’s All a Part of the Same Story: How Building Communities from the Inside Out Begins within Each of Us and Extends Outward”

Abstract: One does not have to have worked in distressed communities for long to recognize that the desire to advocate for peace, justice and reconciliation does not necessarily lead to more peace, justice and reconciliation. Often our advocacy leaves us angry, agitated and disconnected from those we sought to serve. The antidote to such feelings can be found in how we approach our relationships with God and one another as we engage to do the work of God’s beloved community.

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