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Just Generosity: A New Vision for Overcoming Poverty in America (Baker Book House 1999)


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In Just Generosity Ron Sider author of Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger calls Christians to care as much about the poor as Jesus did. He offers a new holistic approach in which people of religious faith can work with government media and business to fashion a vision for changing both unjust social structures and the root causes of bad moral choices. Using poignant stories to engage the heart and well-documented facts to convince the mind Sider presents an accessible yet comprehensive agenda of ways to reduce poverty. Christians with a heart for social justice will find invaluable information and concrete suggestions to help end poverty in the world?s richest nation. Since he wrote Rich Christians over twenty years ago the poor in the United States have become poorer while the rich have become richer. Government policies have failed to alleviate poverty. Is there anything concerned Christians can do? In Just Generosity Sider raises up a voice of hope. Just Generosity (Baker Book House) is available for 11.99 (18.50 Cdn) ? or only 9.60 (14.82 Cdn) for NACSW members or for orders of 10 or more. Examination copies are available to faculty members and trainers upon request. Paul Simon former U.S. Senator (D-Illinois says about Just Generosity: For years Ron Sider has been calling on the Christian community to live its faith by pursuing the cause of justice but never more eloquently than in this book. Harvey Cox from Harvard Divinity School comments: Lively readable and believable. . . . A convincing and workable answer to the question: What should we do? For a full page book announcement go to: Full Page Announcement.


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