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Saturday Morning Community Conversation

Community Conversation Saturday, November 20, 2021 11:30 AM -12:30 PM PT (1.0CE)

Race, Reconciliation and Shared Experiences: A Conversation  on Trauma within the Body of Christ

Within the context of a Christian Ethos and in alignment with the NACSW Unity Document which challenges us to “engage in courageous conversations about topics on which people of good faith disagree adamantly,” the NACSW Annual Community Conversation at this year’s convention will invite convention attendees to engage in courageous conversations and activities that garner reflection upon race and its relevance within our country, our profession and our association, NACSW.

NACSW has designated this community conversation time to bring us together to discuss the organization’s focus on forward movement, specifically surrounding our organizational mission and unity statement.  We started shifting our community conversation to a more purposeful forum to community building and dialogue a few years ago, and last year our focus was on Race and Reconciliation.  This year we will continue that focus with a look at Race and Reconciliation Surrounding our AAPI and Latin brothers and sisters. The goal for today’s discussion and experience is to acknowledge our racial and ethnic realities and build upon our shared stories in order to represent Unity in the fulfillment of NACSWs mission to be a vital Christian presence in Social Work.  Our hope is that we will all walk away from this discussion with a heightened awareness of the experiences of our AAPI and Latin brothers and sisters, a commitment to continue addressing matters that threaten our collective unity through the development of allies and effective partnerships, enhanced skills related to ethical practice with members of these racial and ethnic groups, and additional clear steps forward for NACSW which is more inclusive of voices from diverse racial and ethnic groups.

Community  Conversation Facilitators:

Kesslyn Brade Stennis, MSW, MDiv, PhD is Full Professor of Social Work and Executive Director of the Dr. Dorothy I. Height Center for the Advancement of Social Justice at Coppin State University.  She is also founder and Chief Doctoral Coach with The PhD Consultants where she helps doctoral students leverage their experience and education to make a dynamic difference in the world.


Kathy Goodridge Purnell, MA, MSW, PhD is Program Coordinator for Inclusive Teaching and Learning at Walden University.  She is also founder and  owner of KEI Consulting, LLC, where she provides DEI strategic consultation, e-learning development and instructional design.   Kathy uses her intellect and dive gifts to ensure that every voice matters and that every concept is creatively captured