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Saturday Morning Community Conversation

Community Conversation: Communicating About Race and Restoration Within NACSW

Saturday, November 7th 2020

11:30 am – 12:50 pm

Within the context of a Christian Ethos and in alignment with the NACSW Unity Document which challenges us to “engage in courageous conversations about topics on which people of good faith disagree adamantly,” the NACSW Annual Community Conversation at this year’s convention will invite convention attendees to engage in courageous conversations and activities that garner reflection upon race and its relevance within our country, our profession and our association, NACSW.

Kesslyn Brade Stennis, NACSW Past Board President Kevin Brown, Current NACSW Board President Telvis Rich, Current NACSW Board Vice President Rick Chamiec-Case, Executive Director 

In the United States, we have been plagued by several issues over the past few months; however, none have been so insidious, impactful and transmitted generationally over time as those connected to race. Race-related matters have consumed the news cycles and social media outlets. Whether related to murders, movements or health matters, the issue of race has been undeniably correlated with systemic policies and practices.   Even within our profession, faith communities and organizations, race has been overtly or covertly connected to policies and practices that have far reaching implications.

The format for this Community Conversation will include the following:

  1. Prayer and Scripture Reading – Telvis Rich
  2. Brief Opening Comments to Frame Today’s Discussion – Kevin Brown
  3. Sharing Excerpts from “Race and Restoration in the Body of Christ by Dr. Anita Phillips and Rev. Christine Caine – check out this full powerful video
  4. Facilitated Smaller Group Conversations – Kesslyn Brade Stennis
  5. Reflection on NACSW, Racism, and Repentance – Kevin Brown and Rick Chamiec-Case
  6. Reflection on NACSW, Acknowledgement of Repentance and Restoration – Kesslyn Brade Stennis and Telvis Rich