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Alan Keith-Lucas Giving and Taking Help first published in 1972 has become a classic in the social work literature on the helping relationship. It has been used by several generations of social work students social work practitioners and other helpers to gain a balanced wise and humane perspective on the nature of the helping process. It continues to be cited by authors of major texts in social work practice methods. This 1994 edition has been extensively revised and updated by Dr. Keith-Lucas. It will be of even more help than the original to Christians and social workers interested in good helping practice and in the responsible integration of faith and practice. Giving and taking help is a uniquely clear straightforward sensible and wise examination of what is involved in the helping process-the giving and taking of help. All good helping involves the trinity of Reality Empathy and Support. The book reflects on perennial issues and themes yet is grounded in highly practice-based and pragmatic realities. It respects both the potential and limitations of social science in understanding the nature of persons and the helping process. It does not shy away from confronting issues of values ethics and world views. It is at the same time profoundly personal yet reaching the theoretical and generalizable. It has a point of view. When you read Giving and Taking Help you get the sense that you are hearing a real person who has really cared about helping others and who has spent rich hours both in trying to help and reflecting on that attempt.


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