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Workshop and Poster Programs for Convention 2020

Convention 2020 Workshop and Poster Programs

NACSW is pleased to announce that we are offering more than 40 live remote workshops, and a wide variety of pre-recorded virtual workshops and poster sessions for our Convention 2020. This year’s program includes this array of received from all across North America following a competitive peer review process.

To All Virtual Attendees:  We at NACSW would like to point out an amazing benefit that comes with your convention registration.  As you may remember, NACSW usually has a tote bag that comes with each convention registration, we are raising the bar with our Virtual Tote Bag of prerecorded workshops.  With NACSW’s convention platform all registered attendees will have access to their account 90 days after the convention. Each registered virtual attendee will have access to over 25 prerecorded workshops during and after the convention. You may ask is this a big deal? It sure is! Each registered virtual attendee can watch and obtain CEs on workshops you may have missed the first time around – there is no limit.

In addition, each registered virtual attendee will have the opportunity to view the NACSW  Virtual Convention Lecture Series, over 25 live remote sessions, plenary and keynote speakers sessions will be uploaded post- convention, accessible to you anytime during the 90 days, please note these are CE worthy DURING the convention only so plan accordingly. When you are making your scheduling plans and you wish to get the most CEs it is beneficial for you to watch the live remote sessions first, obtain your CEs. Once you feel you may be done for that particular day,  you can go back that day  or after the convention to view the prerecorded workshops and obtain more CEs. It’s a win/win!

Workshop Program

NACSW’s convention workshops form the heart of the convention program, and range from 60 minutes to 90 minutes long on a wide range of topics of interest to Christians in social work.

Poster Program

NACSW’s convention poster sessions presenters to summarize their practice and research for convention participants

A Panel Conversation about Political Engagement as Social Workers of Faith 


In this panel discussion scheduled for Friday, November 6th from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm, we will hear a variety of perspectives as panelists answer the question: “How do you engage in policy, advocacy, and the political process as a person of faith in social work?”  We hope to engage in a lively discussion on the implications of political engagement as social work educators, practitioners, church members, and even future political candidates.  Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of the experts in this interactive session..


  • Kevin Brown – NACSW Board President: Moderator
  • Christine Fulmer
  • Kimberly Hardy
  • Sabrina Kiser
  • Charles Lewis