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Unity in Diversity

NACSW Unity in Diversity Statement -   This statement on unity and diversity has recently been developed by the NACSW board as a way to reaffirm NACSW’s longstanding policy of being a place where Christians in social work hold Christ at the center and from there engage one another from the diversit...
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The Dangers of Christianity and Social Work

Last fall, I was labelled a “radical,” and my name was added to a list of “college professors who discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.” As I’ve written elsewhere, this was surprising to me. I teach at Calvin College, in the heart of the Midwest....
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Forgiveness in My Life

There has been one area in my life that I have struggled to figure out, though with a lot of help of mentors, close friends, the love of my life, and God, I am beginning to understand it better. Here is my story. It starts in March of 1995 when I was born into a broken family. My dad, a new undoc...
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