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Christ at the Intersection of Faith and Practice

As I was pondering what exactly to write for this blog, it occurred to me that the very name of our blog, "Shared Grace," captures the essence of this entry. Most of us who are members of NACSW or are considering membership realize that there is something different about this association in compa...
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The Call to Reconciliation

The recent deaths of African-American persons during interactions with police officers has awakened the nation to the persistent racial imbalance in our country. The sheer disregard of life causes me deep anguish and, quite frankly, leaves me with mixed feelings about our country’s moral compass. Cl...
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Just Be

I was going through some of my old journals deciding just what to write, and I kept coming back to the same message: "Just Be" Having a curious nature, I decided to look up the word “be” in an online dictionary: Be - \ˈbē\ To exist; to have real existence. To occupy a place. To connect a noun ...
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