Proceedings 2003

Welcome to the Proceedings of NACSW’s 53rd Annual Convention and Training Conference

Louisville, KY  • October 23-26, 2003

Below you will find a conference proceedings comprised of a sampling of materials presented during workshops and poster sessions during its Convention 2003 in Louisville, KY on October 23-26, 2003.

The papers in these proceedings are varying length, structure, and styles. Except for some very basic formatting, submissions did not undergo a formal editing process. Our hope is that the following collection of papers will be of value to current NACSW members and friends by extending the impact and reach of the materials presented at Convention 2003, especially to those who were not able to attend the convention.

Papers in this proceeding are arranged according to the 6 convention tracks used to organize the program at Convention 2003. To access any paper, simply click on the title of the presentation you are interested in viewing.

Social Work Direct Practice

Empowering Our Youth To Make Responsible Choices • Ed Crawford

Using Artistic Accurate Empathy And The Music Impact Inventory Scale (Miis) For Clients Facing Life-Threatening Illnesses • Wilifred Gallant, Michael Holosko, Melanie Gallant

Safe And Sound Protecting Personal And Ministry Relationships • Steve Hays

Physical And Sexual Abuse In The Christian Home And Church: Problems And Solutions • Charles H. Hill And Beverly C. Hill

Secular Benefits Of Religious Participation: People With Developmental Disabilities And The Church • Jeff Mcnair

Where There Is Laughter, There Is Hope • Bob Mitchell

Navigating The Ethical Dilemmas Present In Elder End-Of-Life Care And Christian Faith • Laurinda Plank

A Homegrown Private Practice: Strategies For Increasing Christians In Private Practice In Rural Settings • James Shinn

Exposing The Sexual Gulag: Uncovering The Harms Of Sexual Trafficking And Prostitution • Lisa Thompson

Coping With Difficult Life Transitions By Older Adults: The Role Of Religion • Mary P. Van Hook And Jose Oscar Rivera

Faith of the Social Worker

Developing A Faith-Based Counseling Approach • James W. Ellor

Twelve-Step Spirituality As A Model For Integrating Faith And Practice In A Secular Social Work Setting • Steven Fitts

Spiritual Connections For Healing In A Shattered World • Rick Mcclung And David Hilton

The Praxis Of Social Work: A Model Of How Faith Informs Practice Informs Faith • Jon E. Singletary

Narrative Approaches To The Development Of Self-Efficacy After Object Loss • Randell Webber

Community Organizing and Development

Sustainable Development Through Sustainable Ties: Working To Build A Mosaic Of Race, Gender, & Religion – Diversity Exercises • Kimberly Battle-Walters

The Strengths Of Partnership: Social Work, The Child Care Agency, And The Church • Pam Crawford

The Clearinghouse Concept • Jean Malendro

Faith-Based Organizations As Partners In Social Services: Implications For Community Social Work Practice • Phyllis F. Scott And Joanne Whelley

Exploring The Influence Of Religion Among The Most Active Volunteer Service Club Members • Michael E. Sherr And Glenn Shields

Informal Versus Formal Social Networks Among The Elderly And The Role Of Religion • Glenn Shields, Michael E. Sherr And William King

Social Work Education

Connecting Church And Calling: Conducting Domestic Violence Research In Conservative Christian Denominations • Rene’ Drumm, Marciana Popescu & Jan Wrenn

Service Learning: A Model For Connecting The Classroom To The Community • Lanny Endicott And Robert

Building A Community Of Spirit: Holistic Administration In Christian College Social Work Programs • Jane Hoyt-Oliver

Seeking The Spirit: The Musings Of A Social Work Educator • Virginia Rondero Hernandez

Exploring The Opportunities Of Having A Social Work Club In Conjunction With A Bsw Program • David W. Skiff, Msw, Amy Ayrault, Holly Depriest, Stacey Houghtaling, Marissa Mcintyre

The Preparation Of Undergraduate Social Work Students In Faith-Based Institutions For Professional Practice With Gay And Lesbian Persons: A Qualitative Approach  • Terry L. Smith

Behind Our Backs: Teaching Core Values In Social Work Education • Susan Campbell Wesley

Teaching Social Work Ethics Through Student Designed Case Studies And Ethics Committees • Carrie Yocum