Proceedings 2004

Welcome to the Proceedings of NACSW’s 54th Annual Convention and Training Conference

Reston, VA  • October 28-31, 2004

Below you will find a conference proceedings comprised of a sampling of materials presented during workshops and poster sessions during its Convention 2004 in Reston, Virginia on October 28-31, 2004.

The papers in these proceedings are varying length, structure, and styles. Except for some very basic formatting, submissions did not undergo a formal editing process. Our hope is that the following collection of papers will be of value to current NACSW members and friends by extending the impact and reach of the materials presented at Convention 2004, especially to those who were not able to attend the convention.

Papers in this proceeding are arranged according to the 6 convention tracks used to organize the program at Convention 2004. To access any paper, simply click on the title of the presentation you are interested in viewing:

Social Work Direct Practice

Church-Sponsored Adoption Ministry – A Model • Sarah Bolme And Bonnie Johannes

Women’s Historic Role In The Development Of Faith-Based Community: Social Services From 1880-1930 • Kesslyn A. Brade

Right (Truth) Vs. Wrong Thinking (Lie) • Ron Brown

What Has Happened To Conscience In America? • Edward Crawford

Music-Based Intervention, Counselling And Bio-Spiritual Music-Focus Energetics To Assist Clients Dealing With Issues Of Grief And Loss  • Wilfred Gallant, Michael Holosko, Melanie Gallant, And Nansy Jean-Baptiste

Partnerships Of Law Enforcement And Local Congregations • Tomi Grover

Using Teachings Of World Religions In Social Work • Charles And Beverly Hill

Multi-Cultural Spiritual Assessment: A Public Hospital Social Service Function • Carl D. Holland And Daniel S. Jiménez

Been There Done That: Sage, A Peer Leadership Model Among Prostitution Survivors • Norma Hotaling, Autumn Bun-Is, B. Julie Johnson, Yoshi M. Bird, Kirsten A. Melbye

Renewal Of The Spirit:  Exploring The Religious And Spiritual Coping Strategies Of The Homeless • Kimberly Kennard-Lyke

Addressing The Needs Of First-Time Single Mothers: An Alternative To Rhetoric, Competition, And Doing Nothing • William Mcdonald

A Christian Response To Aids: Compassion In The Face Of Controversy • Allison Pizzi And Crystal Clark

How Spirituality Is Addressed In Clinical Social Work Practice • Sarah Stelzner And Carol F. Kuechler

An Elephant In The Sanctuary:  Denial And Resistance In Addicted Christians And Their Churches • Ken Stoltzfus

Attitudes Of Young Adults Toward Interracial Dating And Marriage Relationships • Luke M. Tse And Marigrace G. Guce

Being Bread For Others: Abiding Images, Master Metaphors And Stories That Sustain Spiritually Oriented Human Service Workers • Chelsea Wakefield

Faith of the Social Worker

Examining Our Conscience: Reflecting On Our Use Of Power • Denis Costello

Scripture And The Code Of Ethics: Aligning Belief With Action • Virginia Rondero Hernandez, And William Mcdonald

Social Work Education

Enhancing Cross-Spiritual Practice: Perspectives From A Social Work Program At A Christian College • Stacey L. Barker

“Sole To Soul”: Integrating Social Work Practice Courses, Student Faith, And Global Outreach • Judith P. Burnham And Denetria James

Clarifying The Distinctions And Connections Between Spirituality And Religion • David R. Hodge And Charlene Chen Mcgrew

Bsw Student Perceptions Of Salient Integration Of Faith And Learning Indicators • Michael E. Sherr, George E. Huff And Mary A. Curran

Teaching Spirituality At A State University • Mary P. Van Hook And George A. Jacinto

Administration and Policy

Improving Decision-Making In Faith-Based Organizations: Using A Complexity Paradigm • Michael Wolf-Branigin

When Does Grace Become Stupidity? Hiring, Firing, & Employee Retention • Gary Deckert

Strategic-Theological Reflection: A Tool For Building Leadership Capacity In Faith Organizations • Jose Humphreys And Mayra Lopez-Humphreys

Integrating An Assets Based Community Development Model Through A Religious Response To Aids • Peggy Pittman-Munke

Volunteer Crisis Hotline Counselors: An Expression Of Spirituality • Regina Trudy Praetorius

Grantwriting: Part Of An Overall Fund Development Strategy • Kortnay Woods

Analysis Of Charitable Choice Legislation In The Light Of NASW’s Code Of Ethics • Leslie Wuest

International Social Work from a Faith-Based Perspective

South Africa: Moving From The Strenths Perspective To Racial And Gender Victorization • Kimberly Battle-Walters

Sustained Involvement Produces Results: Oklahoma Team Partners To Help Russian Orphans • Lanny Endicott

Spirituality As Dimension Of Integrated Community Development: Practical Development • Isabel Kirsten

Best Interest Of A Child: An Introduction To International Adoptions • Karin Price

Helping And Healing In Welfare Ministry: Case Studies From The Chung Dong Methodist Church Of Seoul, Korea • Sang Hak Ro