Proceedings 2009

Welcome to the Proceedings of NACSW’s 59th Annual Convention and Training Conference

Indianapolis, IN • October 29 – November 1, 2009

Below you will find a conference proceedings comprised of a sampling of materials presented during workshops and poster sessions during its Convention 2009 in Indianapolis, IN on October 29-Nov 1, 2009.

The papers and PowerPoint presentations in these proceedings are varying length, structure, and styles. Except for some very basic formatting, submissions did not undergo a formal editing process. Our hope is that the following collection of papers and outlines will be of value to current NACSW members and friends by extending the impact and reach of the materials presented at Convention 2009 especially to those who were not able to attend the convention.

Papers in this proceeding are arranged according to the 6 convention tracks used to organize the program at Convention 2009. To access any paper, simply click on the title of the presentation you are interested in viewing.

Social Work Direct Practice          

Counseling And Technology: Developing A Paradigm For Working With Young Adults And Teens • Allison Bonilla

Walking With Survivors Of Sexual Assault • Julie Burnett

The Self In Psychotherapy: Practice, Ethical And Faith Issues • Denis Costello

Ageism Alive And Well • Charlene Lane

The Heart Examination • David Sedlacek

Restorative Justice-Reframing Justice Through Holistic Restoration • Cynthia Suparman & Houston Thompson

The Unattached Child • David Turner

Motivational Interviewing With Type Ii Diabetes Patients • Valerie Embree, Bethany Henderson, Kyle Jones, Melissa Witwer, Brooke Kovac, Dr. Kevin Roberts, Dr. Thomas Edgington, Dr. Joe Graham


Developing An Organizational Code Of Ethics In A Faith-Based Organization • Sr. M.Vicentia Joseph & Sr. Ann Patrick Conrad

Domestic Violence

Human Trafficking • Kacie Macdonald

Measuring Partner Violence In The Religious Community • David M. Skiff

Faith of the Social Worker

The Christian’s Razor Edge: Social Action In The Context Of The Great Commission • Kevin J. Brown

Ministry Of Presence In The Military • Patrick Chimenti

Amazing Grace • Rhonda E. Hudson & Lisa L. Peoples

Church Reflecting Community • Ann-Marie Jones

The Challenges Of Integrating Christian Faith And Social Work Practice In Japan • Katsunobu Kihara

One Of The Broken • David A. Lundberg

Seeing God In Adoption; A Christian View Of Adoption • Rebecca Stahr Macdougall

Pastoral Support In Child Welfare • Barbara Myland

Faith Stories From Another Culture • Audrey Sistler

Giving Voice To Pain: Teaching Churches To Grieve • Terry L. Smith

Women Of Faith: Women Of Leadership- Inspiration For Social Work Wisdom • Dorothea Marie Epple

Community Organizing and Development

NACSW Missionary Assignment In Africa • Christson A. Adedoyin

Congregations In Action • Jocelyn Blanchard

Keys To Obtaining Grants And Resources For Christian Organizations That Help Those In Need • Janell Irving

Young Adult Advocates Supporting Everyday Youth • Debra Lavender-Bratcher & Jennifer Phillips

From Healing To Community Organizing • Stephen Mott & Walter Tilleman

Community Development Theory And Practice • Allison Tan

Balancing Justice With Mercy: Creating A Healing Community • Harold Dean Trulear

Implications Of War Upon Public Health: A Case Study Of Northern Uganda • Jessica E. Zerkle

Social Work Education       

Social Work Ethics In Faith Based Institutions • Mark De Ruyter

An Examination Of Student Values And Catholic Social Teachings On Bolivian Mission Trips • Dorothea Epple & Ruth Osuch

An Experiential Approach To Teaching The Integration Of Spirituality And Social Work • Jerry Jo Manfred-Gilham

The Affective Process Of Multicultural Competency Development • Veronica L. Hardy

Mission Trip To Kenya • Japheth Jaoko

An Analysis Of Baccalaureate Education Study-Abroad And Its Impact Upon Leadership • Carla J. Macdonald

Dual Degrees In Social Work And Divinity • Beth L. Muehlhausen

Integrating Principles Of Spirituality Into The Social Work Classroom • Sherry Sheffield & Linda Openshaw

Beginning An Msw Program With An Established Department Of Social Work • Jan Kircher, Elizabeth Talbot, Sandra Chesborough

A Competency Based Spiritual Formulation Model In Social Work Education • Charles Seitz & Michelle George

Rural Social Work   

Black Pastors And Government Funding • Melody G. Brackett

Student Workshops          

A Student’s Guide To International Social Work • Mark E. Rogers, Jan A. Rodgers & Felicia L. Townsend

What I Wish I Had Known When I Became A Social Worker • Patricia A. Boyer