Proceedings 2016




Welcome to the Proceedings of NACSW’s 66th Annual Convention

Cincinnati, OH • November 17-20, 2016

Below you will find a conference proceedings comprised of a sampling of materials presented during workshops and poster sessions during its Convention 2016 in Cincinnati, OH on November 17-20, 2016.

The papers and PowerPoint presentations in these proceedings did not undergo a formal editing process. Entries are arranged according to the convention tracks used to organize the program at Convention 2016.

Views expressed by presenters are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of NACSW. Being selected to present a workshop in no way implies NACSW’s endorsement or certification of presenters’ qualification, ability, or proficiency to practice social work or integrate faith and social work.

Direct Practice: Individual 

Conquering the Obstacles of Painful Experiences: Going Beyond the Trauma • Casondra Brown

Integration of Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness & Centering Prayer in the Treatment of a Substance Abuse Disorder • Kristine Howley

Community-Based Practice and Clox Intervention for MCI • Suk-Hee Kim

Pathway of Hope • Sabrina Kiser

Building Bridges Between Social Work Education and Practice Skills: An Exploratory Study • Linda Openshaw, Benjamin May, & Andrew McLane

Mindful Parenting and Teachable Moments: From Theory to Practice in Christian Parenting • Jonathan C. Robinson

Financial Literacy and Counseling for Social Workers Including Faith-Based Actions • Flora Williams

Admin & Work

Employee Job Satisfaction Study: How Leaders Can Retain Top-Performing Staff • Mallory Birch

Faith & Justice

What the Bible Says About Race • Tenolian Bell

Faith and Justice as One • V. Leana Brown-Scott & Nicole Darden

A Jubilee Year of Mercy • Dorothea Epple

Justice from God’s Perspective: How Christian Theology Can Transform a Broken and Hurting World • Hope Wilson


Scriptural and Theological Perspectives on Forgiveness and Its Impact on the Clinical Practice of Social Work and Related Clinical Professions • Nicholas Placido

Human Development

Testing Faith: An Investigation of the Relationship Between Prayer and Test Anxiety • Drey Campbell

Building Bridges: Fostering Hope Through Faith-Based Death Education • Jana Donahoe

Research & Practice With Ethnically Diverse Populations

Mama Dorah: Uplifting Grassroots Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking • Denise Anderson


SWG 580 Social Work Application: The Akra Tapinosis and Hospice Social Work • Emmett B. Cartinhour

Social Work Education

Facilitating Spiritual Competence: A Qualitative Study 0f Undergraduates • Ann M. Callahan & Kalea Benner

Students’ Responses to Experiential Learning Using the Poverty Simulation • Jana Donahoe & Angela Gaddis

Social Work Research

BSW Student Perspectives on Impacts of Integration of Faith and Justice • Randy J. Baxter & Hannah Ainsworth