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Repetitious History and Contemporary Action

I am reminded daily that I operate within multiple identities and roles, as I suspect that all of us do. Some of the most obvious identities and roles for me include being African American, Christian, and a woman.  While I am generally comfortable in my skin and with my ever evolving belief system, ...
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A Faith Model of Prison Reform

In 1995 the Warden of Angola Prison approached New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary with an unusual request.  Known as the “bloodiest prison in America,” Angola was in trouble and Warden Cain envisioned a solution. He wanted to create a process of moral rehabilitation that began with a seminary ...
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What It Means To Be a Christian Social Worker: A Student’s Perspective

As I was walking along the beach the other morning at sunrise, I was following behind two individuals who were picking up shells. They were, of course, picking up all of the big, beautiful shells void of blemishes. Struck by a creative impulse to create a mosaic, I began to pick up the smaller, brok...
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