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A Letter from a Christian Social Worker Who Is the Mother of a Gay Son & Following Jesus’ Example for Difficult Conversations

Editor's Note: This month NACSW is pairing a couple of blog posts representing the voices of two Christians in social work on the intersection of LGBTQ issues and Christian faith. Our hope is that posting these two differing perspectives together will serve to broaden and deepen the conversation bet...
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Is It Christian Love or Codependency?

A mother sat across from me weeping profusely one evening.  I had just presented a brief psycho-education session about codependency.  She admitted to me that she had left her previous therapist to seek me out because she thought that a new counselor would support her in her desire to protect her so...
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Trusting God’s Design of Family

I first moved to Thailand in 2009, because as a follower of Christ and a social worker, I felt deeply burdened to engage trafficking and child exploitation internationally. I joined a grassroots organization working along the Thailand-Myanmar border where thousands of Burmese people have fled due to...
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