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Converging to Reach Out to Houston

Shortly after Hurricane Harvey began to wreak havoc on the Houston area, Mark Miller from Wayside Christian Mission (an organizational member of NACSW based in Louisville, KY) called the NACSW office to ask if we had any connections in Houston. He explained that he had a team of staf...
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Inviting the Richness of Members’ Diverse Christian Traditions

One of the great attractions for me of NACSW is the great diversity of our membership. Deeply rooted in my own Roman Catholic tradition, I find myself spiritually enriched and my Christian faith deepened by meeting other Christians of different traditions, ethnicities, and cultures. I am in awe of t...
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Love without Expectations

Attending a small, private Lutheran school had its difficulties. Although I was from a poor neighborhood, I found myself in an affluent community surrounded by privilege. Understandably, I struggled with developing a sense of self-identity and meaningful friendships in school. I became close ...
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