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Turn It Off and Step Away

How long can you go without checking your cell phone? Do you feel your leg vibrate and reach for your phone - only to find that your phone is actually across the room? Could you go 24 hours without using your mobile device or some other similar form of technology? If you see a beautiful sunset but d...
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Growing Use of Technology in Social Work: What Do Ethics Have to Do with It?

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) last updated the Social Work Code of Ethics in 2008. As a point of reference (1, 2) that was when the Wii Fit and iPod Touch were released and the year Hulu launched. It was also the year that the Apple App Store was created and the year the Androi...
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Social Work Mobile Apps

I thought it would be easy to find reviews of social work related mobile apps to share.  I was very surprised to find little written about social work specific apps. I found a lot of social work blogs have written about general work productivity apps or wrote about apps specific to a specific fiel...
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