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Is It Christian Love or Codependency?

A mother sat across from me weeping profusely one evening.  I had just presented a brief psycho-education session about codependency.  She admitted to me that she had left her previous therapist to seek me out because she thought that a new counselor would support her in her desire to protect her so...
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Social Justice and Black Mama Trauma: The Social Workers’ Role

The past several years has been rife with racial tension resulting from what some perceive as the unjust killing of several black teenaged males.  From Trayvon Martin to Michael Brown and beyond, cries for both justice and peace have ascended to heaven and to the high courts of our land.  Those who ...
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Trauma and the Killing of Trayvon

Early one Tuesday morning on September 11, 2001 a nation looked on in horror as fire and smoke, cinder and ashes bellowed from the Twin Towers in New York City.  The United States of America had been assaulted by hatred.  Images of an unidentified man jumping from the heights of a building plague ...
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