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Sin and Social Work

I was reading a piece on Huffington Post about how men turn grumpy at 70, sort of like adolescents turn moody and recalcitrant in the first years of puberty, both for hormonal reasons.  It would have been depressing – not least for my poor wife, who lives both with a querulous septuagenarian and a t...
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Love Requires Equanimity

Social work is a humble profession.  It lacks the prestige, status, and rewards of law or medicine.  Yet in order for social workers actually to do all we claim to be able to do, we would have to be God.  Law claims justice as its essence and medicine claims health.  According to The Council on Soci...
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Conscience Matters

 A prevalent idea of conscience minimizes its claims by treating it as only one thing among others that the practitioner must take into account in deciding how to act.  This view trivializes the very concept of conscience and renders it incoherent.  As Christian social workers come under increasi...
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