Proceedings 2010

Welcome to the Proceedings of NACSW’s 60th Annual Convention and Training Conference

Durham, NC • November 11-14, 2010

Below you will find a conference proceedings comprised of a sampling of materials presented during workshops and poster sessions during its Convention 2010 in Durham, NC on November 11-14, 2010.

The papers and PowerPoint presentations in this proceedings are are varying length, structure, and styles. Except for some very basic formatting, submissions did not undergo a formal editing process. Our hope is that the following collection of papers and outlines will be of value to current NACSW members and friends by extending the impact and reach of the materials presented at Convention 2010 especially to those who were not able to attend the convention.

Papers in this proceeding are arranged according to the eight convention tracks used to organize the program at Convention 2010. To access any paper, simply click on the title of the presentation you are interested in viewing.

Social Work Direct Practice

Lost In Translation • Julie Burnett

Ten Commandments For Assisting Non-Western Immigrants • Daniel N. Diakanwa

The Therapeutic Relationship: Context And Means Of Forgiveness • Dorothea Marie Epple

Church Social Work For A Homeless Family: Eclectic Perspectives • Carl D. Holland

Integration Of Christian Spiritual Care Into Assisting The Relocation Of Older Adults With Dementia • Akiko Ichinose & Katsunobu Kihara

Adjusting The Practice Lens • Nancy Peters

God’s Blueprint For Successful Fathering And Fatherhood Practitioners • Mark Robinson

The Biblical Diagnosis Of Spiritual Conditions • David Sedlacek

Play Therapy With Children • Cathi Spooner

A Vision So Old It Looks New • Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Getting Off The Fence • Kenneth Smith


The Supervisor As Manager • Jane Hoyt-Oliver

Faith of the Social Worker

A Faith Informed Model Of Moral Decision-Making In Social Work • Kathleen Belanger And Owen Smith

Offering Sanctuary • Meredith Jones Candler

Church Based Baptist Clergy Social Workers – Dual Roles • Donald J. Gloege

Relationship-Based Learning Of Cultural Competence • Melissa Stek

Community Organizing and Development

Exploring The Spiritual Capital Paradigm As A Strategy For Social And Economic Development In Sub-Saharan Africa • Christson A. Adedoyin

Round Table Discussion • Pamela A. Bridgeman

Social Work And The African American Church • Alex D. Colvin And Darron D. Garner

The Sister Parish Phenomenon • John Cosgrove, Doug Fogg And Ellen Moore

You Can’t Really Call This Home • Bradley Harris

Alliances, Community And Faith • Marty Kooistra

Effectively Engaging Faith-Based Volunteers • Heidi Unruh

Social Work Education

Social Work And Jesuit Education • Faye Y. Abram And James Allen

Spirituality And Social Work In The Undergraduate Classroom • Julie Hunt

Innovations And Challenges In Administering A Field Program • Lawanna Lancaster

Social Work And Divinity Dual-Degree Programs • Amelia Roberts-Lewis And Tonya Armstrong

Faith and Children & Family Services     

This Far By Faith • Melody Brackett, Martha Sawyer, And Deborah Riddick

Cultural Relevance And Faith • Sheila Joyner-Pritchard And Danielle Joyner

The Role Of Religion In Foster Care • Jill Schreiber

The Contributions Of Christians To The Human Trafficking Movement • Elizabeth Peffer Talbot