Proceedings 2011

Welcome to the Proceedings of NACSW’s 61st Annual Convention

Pittsburgh, PA • October 20-23, 2011

Below you will find a conference proceedings comprised of a sampling of materials presented during workshops and poster sessions during its Convention 2011 in Pittsburgh, PA on October 20-23, 2011.

The papers and PowerPoint presentations in these proceedings did not undergo a formal editing process. Entries are arranged according to the seven convention tracks used to organize the program at Convention 2011.

Views expressed by presenters are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of NACSW. Being selected to present a workshop in no way implies NACSW’s endorsement or certification of presenters’ qualification, ability, or proficiency to practice social work or integrate faith and social work.

Social Work Direct Practice

Adjusting And Integration New Immigrants In The American Culture • Daniel N. Diakanwa

Buddha Versus Paul: Neuroplasticity And The Renewing Of The Mind • Elodia Flynn

Developing An Understanding Of The Experiences Of Parents Whose Child Has Come Out Of The Closet • Jan C. Kircher & April Ahlijah

Spiritually Modified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy In The Treatment Of Substance Abuse: A Case Of Conceptualization • Lorraine Looney

From The Here And Now To The Now What: An Introduction To Logotherapy • Chuck Miceli

Well Said: Our Words, Our Tools: Compassionate Care Through Metaphorical Talk • Chuck Miceli

Moral Distress And The Need For Moral Courage In Social Work Practice • Linda Openshaw

Uncapping Family Wisdom • Sandra Pate

Adoption: Social Work Practice From A Biblical Perspective • Karin Price

Reflecting On King’s “Beloved Community” • Mikal N. Rasheed & Janice M. Rasheed

Conceptualizing Engagement: Enhancing Your Practice To Obtain Better Outcomes • Angela R. Tyler

Human Trafficking: At Risk Populations In Rural Communities • Elizabeth P. Talbot


Anatomy Of A Successful Agency (Autopsy Of A Failed Agency) • Ron Brown

Frederic Siedenburg, Sj: The Journey Of A Social Activist • Edward Gumz

Faith Of The Social Worker

Building On The Spirit Of Social Work • Wendy Bilgen

The Spirituality Of St. Ignatius Of Loyola • Dorothea Epple

Community Organizing And Development

Advancing Christian Social Workers’ Role In Health Literacy • Christson A. Adedoyin

Helping Our Service Members Return Home • Dexter Freeman, Gerald Grace And Lanny Endicott

Operationalizing The Continuum Of Community Organization And Community Development In A Faith-Based Initiative With Multiple Partners • Leonard Erb

The Forgotten Ones: Living Conditions And Social Functioning Of Street Children In Port-Au-Prince Haiti • Dieuveut Gaity

Orphan Care In The Early Church-A Heritage To Recapture • Joanie Gruber

Promoting Emotional Well-Being Among Parishioners Through Clergy/Mental Health Practitioner Collaboration • Scott Bledsoe, Kimberly Setterlund, Melissa Connolly & Christopher Adams

Collaborative Benevolence • Reba A. Terry & Heather R. Carlson

Social Work Education

Teaching Spiritual Care: Resources And Results • Ann Callahan

Orphan Train Riders To Nebraska: A Look At Life Experiences • Sandra Cook-Fong

The New Generation Of Seniors And The Ageism Paradigm Shift • Charlene Lane

Academic Bullying In Social Work Departments • Jan Kircher, Cath Stilwell, Elizabeth Talbot & Sandra Chesborough

Faith Integration In Msw Capstone Leadership Curriculum And Examples Of Student Projects • Katy Tangenberg

The Healing Journey From The Trauma Of Abortion • Julie Woodley

Aging And Spirituality

Get Your 3F’s Membership For A Successful Aging Journey • Naurine Lennox & Belinda Peterson

Compassionate Sojourners • Annette Sarcinelli & Sherri Mckenna

Spirituality And End-Of-Life Care • Deborah A. Riddick, Martha B. Sawyer, & Melody G. Brackett


Understanding Gang Involved Youth And Preventing Recidivism • Ronald Carr & Michael Kelly