Proceedings 2013

Welcome to the Proceedings of NACSW’s 63rd Annual Convention

Atlanta, GA • October 17-20, 2013

Below you will find a conference proceedings comprised of a sampling of materials presented during workshops and poster sessions during its Convention 2013 in Atlanta, GA on October 17-20, 2013.

The papers and PowerPoint presentations in these proceedings did not undergo a formal editing process. Entries are arranged according to the convention tracks used to organize the program at Convention 2013.

Views expressed by presenters are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of NACSW. Being selected to present a workshop in no way implies NACSW’s endorsement or certification of presenters’ qualification, ability, or proficiency to practice social work or integrate faith and social work.

Direct Practice: Individual

Welcome Home Project: Breaking The Cycle Of Recidivism•Keziah Harmon & Arlene Brown

Creating Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Practice: Introduction To The Essential Elements•Ken Larimore

From Fear To Faith: Helping Clients Move From Natural To Supernatural•Corey A. Mettler

Sprinkling Spirituality Throughout The Alzheimer’s Caregiver’s Journey•Sally Moore

Ideas To Curb School Suicide And Violence•Linda Openshaw

Using Biblical Principles In Work With Victims Of Sex Trafficking•David Sedlacek

Resiliency And Spirituality: A Framework For Assessing And Helping•Mary Van Hook

Direct Practice: Groups

DME Loaner Closet: Program Design•Darla Bailey

First Responders•Darla Bailey

Girls On The Streets: Church And State Support For Street Girls In Ghana•Rose Korang-Okrah

Admin & Work

Servant-Leadership: A Pathway To Care, Excellence, Learning And Leadership In The Social Services Department•Hugh Drouin

Christian Social Workers As Leaders Amidst Change•David A. Lundberg

Technology & Social Work

Development And Delivery Of A Hybrid Msw Administration Supervision Course•Dorothea Epple

Social Work Education

Dialogue Journals: A Supervision Tool To Enhance Reflective Practice And Faith Integration•Stacy Jensen-Hart, Gina Shuttleworth, Jodi Davis

Challenges And Opportunities For Online Graduate Social Work Education•Tracey M. Phillips

Professional Relationships, Values And Ethics

Bringing Heaven Down To Earth – A Biblical Foundation For Best Practice•Lynn R. Harms

How The New Identity In Christ Nurtures Social Workers’ Faith And Character•Vanessa Hunn And Willie Elliott

Medical Ethics And The Challenge Of Biotechnology•Bob Zylstra

Human Development  

Faith-Based Practice: Diverse And Eclectic Approaches Toward Social Justice•Carl D. Holland