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The Intersection of Faith and Social Work

“Whatever you have done for the least of these, you have done for me.” Jesus

Laurel S.

Christians in Social Work. What a logical fit. After all, the Bible is clear that we, as Christians, should help those in need. In social work, the needs are varied. From poverty to health crises to mental health concerns…and everything in-between. Social workers are there in agencies, hospitals, mental health facilities, and more to provide assistance in a variety of ways.

As Christians, our love for God and out love for others motivates us to want to help. Jesus tells us that the greatest commandment is love. Love God and love your neighbor.

For me, this has resulted in a decision to care for others and educate those who wish to enter a similar field. My specialty is mental health. As a practitioner turned professor, I have had the opportunity to share my passion with students of all ages who are answering the call. That’s what this has been for me. A calling from God. A leading by the Holy Spirit.

Integrating faith in social work is natural. This is done in many ways. Some overt, some not. But, being a holistic provider means exploring all areas of a client’s life with them including faith.

As a Christian, that love, that calling I mentioned means being there for all people. Pointing them to truth of God’s word in my actions. It’s not always the easiest job, but it is always worth the costs.

Laurel S. is a Licensed Independent Social Worker in Clinical Practice with a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision. She teaches for several universities and can be found blogging at www.lessonsfromlaurel.com. Her goal is to help Christian women anchor their emotions to God and develop an abundant life in Christ.

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