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Professional Liability Insurance

Two Important Benefits

Since April of 1998, NACSW has had a strong working relationship with the American Professional Agency (APA), a company that offers professional liability to social workers at competitive rates in both the US and Canada. By virtue of its long-standing relationship with the APA, NACSW is able to offer it members seeking liability insurance from APA two important benefits:

  1. NACSW members receive preferential treatment in APA’s insurance application process.
  2. NACSW is able to advocate for its members with APA should any questions or requests for additional information come up in their application process.


The American Professional Agency provides coverage to meet a wide range of insurance needs including professional liability insurance for:

  • Self-employed or consulting/per diem social workers or counselors with an MSW, MA, or similar (or more advanced) clinical degree
  • Practicing social workers or counselors (with either a BSW or MSW or similar degrees) who work for a social service organization
  • Social work interns
  • Pastors/clergy


To access current annual rates for APA insurance coverage broken down by individual states/provinces:

  • Social workers: click here
  • Other mental health practitioners: click here
  • Student interns are eligible for an alternative insurance plan offered by APA at extremely competitive rates. To access current rates for insurance coverage for students as well as to download an application form, click here.

Contact Information

You may contact the American Professional Agency (APA) tollfree at 1-800-421-6694 if you have any questions and/or would like to receive a hard copy of an application. You may also go online to locate the appropriate email address for your question/situation.