Proceedings 2015

Welcome to the Proceedings of NACSW’s 65th Annual Convention

Grand Rapids, MI • November 12-15

Below you will find a conference proceedings comprised of a sampling of materials presented during workshops and poster sessions during its Convention 2015 in Grand Rapids, MI on November 12-15, 2015.

The papers and PowerPoint presentations in these proceedings did not undergo a formal editing process. Entries are arranged according to the convention tracks used to organize the program at Convention 2015.

Views expressed by presenters are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of NACSW. Being selected to present a workshop in no way implies NACSW’s endorsement or certification of presenters’ qualification, ability, or proficiency to practice social work or integrate faith and social work.

Direct Practice: Individual 

Integrating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy And The Gospel • Joshua Bishop

Therapeutic Relationship As A Spiritual Resource • Ann M. Callahan

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn…Is Your Response Comforting?•Gwen Kapcia

Biologic Support For Clinical Self-Disclosure • Denise L. Jaillet Keane

Spirituality And Clinical Work • Gregory Lamm

The Transformative Power Of Suffering • Donald Phelps

Nothing Works! Helping Eating Disordered Clients Find Healing • Kristine B. Rand

Magic In Psychotherapy With Children • Greg Scott

The Ethical Integration Of Christian Faith Into Counseling Veterans • Laurel Shaler

Shalom: The Practicality Of The Prince Of Peace In Clinical Social Work • Kim Parker

Tools For Financial Counseling Including Faith-Based Actions • Flora Williams

Direct Practice: Groups

Unemployment-More Than Lack Of Employment: The Function Of A Job Club • Robert Barr

Daytona Ssvf: A Working Model Of Community Capacity Building And Cqi • Joni Sarrus Casillas

Korean American Christian Coalition For Urban Ministry/Ex-Offender Reentry • Philip Hong, Brent In, Jang Ho Park, & Thomas Kenemore

Social Work In The City Library: A New Frontier For Transforming Lives • Alanna Kelley & Adria E. Navarro

Cultural Competency: Gaining Understanding Through Language Acquisition • Corinne Talbott

Improving Maternal/Newborn Health Through Community Organization, Empowerment And Engagement In Bangladesh • Kohima Daring & Alan Talens

Admin & Work

So You Want To Start A Local Chapter Of Nacsw? Let’s Talk! • Glenda Gordon

A History Of Charity And The Church • Nicholas Placido

Human Development

Educate, Empower, And Enlighten A Community On Autism • Lori Goss-Reaves

Understanding The Tension: Christian Social Work Students & Lgbt Clients • Allison Tan

Social Work Education       

Leveraging Service Learning, Field Site Recruitment & Faith-Based Partnerships • Catherine Fisher

Listen To The Voices: Child Advocacy Curriculum At The Undergraduate Level • Barbara Matchette

Worldview Diagnostic Three: A Faith Integration Instrument • Shayna Neshama-Bannister

Faith Perspectives On International Practicums • Elizabeth Patterson-Roe

Social Work And Biblical Counseling: Curriculum Development • David Sedlacek

Creating Generous Spaces For Lgbt Students On A University Campus • Curtis Vanderwaal

Dsm Goes To Hollywood: Using Movies To Teach Psychiatric Diagnoses • Bob Zylstra

Practical Applications Of Shalom

Social Justice And Black Mama Trauma • Pamela A. Bridgeman

Seeking The Shalom Of New Orleans: 47 Years Of Urban Community Building • Kevin J. Brown

The Church Being The Church: Organizing Christians With Privilege • Mary Deyoung

The Ferguson Brand Machine Has A Broken Spin Cycle: Is There A 21st Century Fix? • Jacqueline Dyer

Ecological Justice: A Call For Christian Social Workers • Meredith Powers, Micalagh Moritz & Amber Jekot

Cultivating Compassion: The Importance Of Sabbath Keeping • Britt Rhodes

The Art Of Invitation: A Qualitative Study On The Effectiveness And Experiences Of The Participants • Katti Sneed, Deborah Teike, & Amanda C. Blake

Professional Relationships          

Pursuing Shalom In Face Of A Rising Tide Of Anti-Semitism • Paul Adams

When No Means Yes: Faith In The Light When Facing The Darkness Of Denial • Dawn Broers, Marissa Degroot, & Joanne Dusenbury

Pope Francis And The Church Of Mercy • Dorothea Epple

The Use Of Self: Modeling Christ In Teaching, Advising And Mentoring • Margaret Howell & Deslynne Roberts

Social Work Ethics And Assisted Reproduction • Bob Zylstra


Adolescent Suicidal Behavior: Development Of A Theoretical Model Using Structural Equation Modeling • Alena Weeks

Research & Practice

Faith-Based Support For Undocumented Immigrant Families • Linda Openshaw, Andrew Mclane, Skylar Parkerson & Chase Court

Social Work Research

A Study On Relationship Of Theory Of Personality And Type Of Alcoholic Personality • Jongsun Kim

Shalom Through Global Research: Faith And Ethics In Orphan Care • Deborah Sturtevant, David Blystra, Samantha Hartman, & Dennis Feaster