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Introductory Post

Welcome to the next iteration of NACSW’s step into the 21st century.  We are very pleased to announce the NACSW blog! Stay with us as we take this journey. We hope this will be a great resource for you and your faith journey.

We are planning to have members share their thoughts, stories, and research here on a bi-weekly basis.  Be sure to add our RSS feed to your blog reader and of course follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Thanks for joining with us on this new adventure!

Rick Chamiec-Case

Executive Director

7 thoughts on “Introductory Post

  1. Thanks for taking this step. I believe the blog will help us better understand how members are doing, what they are thinking, and how they are living out their faith. Onward!

  2. I think this is a super idea, and will provide another interface for NACSW members. Amazing how technology is enriching our connections (quite a comment from a former Luddite!).

    1. LOUISE ~ After looking up “Luddite,” I understand your comment. While personally I always eschew violence, I do understand the point of the Luddite Movement and if we were in the 19th century, I might have peacefully espoused their cause. The loss of a job has devastating effects on the unemployed, their family and indeed all society.
      * * * In the 21st century, I truly enjoy new technologies, especially ones which facilitate connections between believers in SW! It connected us, Louise ~ all the way from the central coast of California to you in Canada! I ♥ love it!
      Amy-Lynne <'{{{><

  3. Thanks for your encouraging word, Gilberto. You have your put your finger on the exact reason we have launched this blog. I look forward to your being part of the conversation moving forward from here!

  4. I love it, Louise. I remember when we first introduced the use of email to faciliate communication on the Board. There were at least a few who had to brought in screaming and kicking (not that I am implying you were one!). We've come a long way, no?

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